My talk: books

My 2009 TedxCincy talk: Telling Stories on the World

Welcome to Brad King’s teaching website, The Appalachian Teach (which is a companion to my personal site, The Appalachian Geek).

I’m an assistant professor of journalism at Ball State University, where I’m also the Director of the Digital Media Minor, an interdisciplinary program that blends technology, storytelling, and human-computer interaction elements together.

The site is broken down into four distinct elements:

  • The Blog: I’ll post thoughts on education, philosophy, teacher-student interaction, and interesting tidbits about learning. I also use the tags to help categorize my projects, presentations, and talks.
  • The Classes: I make all my syllabi, materials, and lectures available to anyone who wants to see what I do, watch my lectures, and interact with the material. It’s in a constant state of distress, though, as I redo the classes each term.
  • The Invictus Writers: This is an ongoing writing project I do each year with a group of hand-picked students. I teach them how to write long-form stories, and we publish a book at the end of the year.
  • The Digital Media Minor: This is where I house all the information for our interdisciplinary program.

I have a special page where I keep a semi-updated list and description of the most important books I’ve read as they relate to information, technology, storytelling, and design.

Mostly, though, I love telling stories. I write, I create podcasts, I tinker with video, I work in the weird space between digital, print, and the real world.

They haven’t really figured out a job title for that yet, which is the best kind of job to have.