EMDD 640: Transmedia Storytelling & Publishing

Overview of basic principles of cross-platform storytelling, tools required to publish across various media platforms, and theoretical frameworks for create cross-media and transmedia stories. Students will learn methods for establishing requirements, researching design alternatives, and building prototypes to aid in the creation of a cross-media story. Students will also learn how to evaluate available publishing tools so they may work with technologies designed to facilitate project goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand the structure and development process for transmedia experiences as demonstrated through in-class discussion, written assignments, and presentations.
  • Students will understand how to build transmedia experiences as demonstrated through applied projects, in-class discussion, and presentations.

Topics and concepts:

  • transmedia and cross-media terms
  • software and media tools required for producing transmedia stories
  • development process for building transmedia and cross-media stories
  • process and technical requirements identifying strategic information
  • audience targeting and development
  • prototyping cross-media experiences
  • conducting, analyzing, and applying usability data
  • research-informed and iterative design principles and techniques

At the end of the class, students will be able to design strategic information targeted at a specific audience, develop storytelling frameworks that move readers between real-world, mobile, and computer environments, conduct usability testing on various storytelling prototypes, and create transmedia experiences ready for distribution in cross-media environments.