JOURN 380: Long-Form, Digital Storytelling

hen applies those concepts to create a long-form digital story delivered across multiple media. Students will explore this framework through long-form feature writing. While magazine articles incorporate the narrative and reporting elements of feature writing, they are distinguished by point of view, eloquence of style, and strength of argument. Students will create a culminating project that exists online, in print and on various eReader devices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the changing business landscape brought upon magazines and long-form publishers by digital technologies as demonstrated by in-class readings, discussion, and presentations.
  • Understand the basic frameworks of cinematic and long-form magazine storytelling as demonstrated through readings, in-class discussions, and presentations.
  • Apply long-form storytelling techniques to create stories across various digital platforms as demonstrated through in-class assignments, presentations, and a culminating project.



  • Book: A Futurist Manifesto, edited by Hugh McGuire and Brian OLeary (
  • Selected readings from
  • Selected research readings